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We are a full-service Career Management firm that assists both individuals and companies find mutual success by aligning culture, talent and goals. When you work with Career Architect Consulting Services, you work with professionals who:
  • Are trained, experienced, and effective.
  • Understand the complex employer-employee relationship.
  • Respect the need for both parties to realize value for the employer-employee relationship to work.
  • Are committed to making a difference for individuals, companies, and communities in this area of business.
  • Deliver custom solutions to meet your needs.

Our goal is to help you become the designers and builders - the Architects - of sustainable, effective work environments and exciting and satisfying individual careers.

Mutual Benefits of a Career Management Program

What is Career Management?

For individuals, Career Management consists of having a plan and making conscious choices concerning work experiences that will move you toward your overall goals. These choices can consist of several things, including:
  • What skills and knowledge to leverage;
  • Which company to work for;
  • Which assignment to request or accept;
  • What type of work culture supports your success;
  • How to conduct an internal or external job search.

For employers, Career (or Talent) Management is a strategy that begins with selecting candidates who can excel in the company culture, continues with developing and utilizing the talents these employees possess, and involves consciously retaining the skills and knowledge needed to meet company goals.

A company can create an Engaged, High Performing Workforce through effective Talent Management.

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